How to Train a Puppy to Potty Outside

Getting a new puppy can be exciting, but it can be stressful as well. Most of the time, when a person gets a puppy they have to start training them to go potty outside. Though there are quite a few methods a person can use to do this, many people turn to dog pee pads. Used correctly, this can be an easy way to potty train a puppy and encourage good potty habits from an early age.

How to Find the Right Training Pad

A person should take time to find a dog pee pad that’s not too expensive, yet that’s going to work well. Many are small sized, but the person may want to choose a larger size that prevents tracking the pee around the house. With the larger size, as they walk off the pad they wipe their feet. Insta-Dry technology is offered by one company that helps dry the pad quickly, again to help prevent any tracking, and a no-drip core can help the person roll up the pad to throw it away once it’s been used to ensure they don’t have any leaks when they’re throwing it away.


How to Start the Training

At first, the puppy should stay in a smaller area of the home that can be blocked off from other areas of the home. Ideally, this area should have laminate or other easy to clean flooring and should provide plenty of space for the puppy to potty, sleep and play. The training pad should be placed out of the way, but in the room where they can get to it easily. The person can put a paper towel with a little of the dog’s pee underneath the pad so the puppy can recognize where to go by smell. When the puppy looks like it needs to pee, move it onto the pad and tell it to go potty.

Finishing Up the Training

As the dog learns how to pee on the pad when they need to potty, the area they’re in can be expanded to include the entire home. They should bring one of the soiled pads and place it outside. Watch the puppy, and when he has to go, take him outside to the pad. The puppy will quickly relate going potty with that spot outside and soon won’t need the pad to be there to show them where to potty. Always remember to praise the puppy for going potty outside so they learn this is a good thing to do.

Taking the time to properly train a puppy can make it a faster and easier process. The pee pads for dogs can be a fantastic way to train a puppy and is just one of the most commonly used methods. If you’re bringing home a new puppy, consider purchasing dog training pads today to help teach them to go potty outside.


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